Restoration of Piramide

Restoration of Piramide

Piramide Cestia, Testaccio

Those who have read Egyptian Rome: The Obelisks are already aware of the links between Rome and the ancient Egyptian Empire.  Perhaps the strangest of these however is the Pyramid located in Testaccio at the metro underground station on the B Line named…Piramide.  This beloved Roman monument, located next to the non-Catholic cemetery of Rome which serves as the last resting place of many of the English poets and artists to live in Rome, serves as a tomb to Cestia and dates from the first century BC.  A Restoration of Piramide Cestia began in March 2013 but is now nearing completion.


The 36-metre high monument was built as a tomb for the powerful Roman magistrate Caius Cestius. Experts believe that the structure has evaded collapse over the centuries because it was incorporated into the Aurelian walls in the years 271-275.  However 2 million euro restoration of Piramide is being paid for by Japanese entrepreneur Yuzo Yagi who imports Italian clothes to his Yagi Tsusho chain of fashion stores in Japan.  The restoration is due to be completed in the next few months and in July, Mr Yagi visited the site with Italian culture minister Dario Franceschini to see how work was progressing.

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