Studying Abroad Makes You Stand Out

As students prepare to head back to college/university this autumn, many grapple with the decision to study abroad. Students tend to focus their decision-making process around financials and course schedules, often over-seeing the potential career and personal benefits.

In a recent poll of those who had spent a period studying abroad, when asked what they felt was more valuable, an internship or study abroad experience, 77.1% said that the study abroad experience was more valuable. In addition, 88.2% of respondents felt that their experience helped, or will help them gain employment. In addition:


The poll also found that studying abroad isn’t just about setting yourself up for a successful future – it’s also about the connections you make and the lessons you learn that have a lasting impact on your personal life.


Breakdown of respondents:

  • 91.5% of total respondents studied abroad in Europe
  • 75% of those spent a semester abroad while 14.8% spent a year abroad
  • 51.1% studied abroad during the Spring semester and 38.2% studied in the Fall semester
  • 93.3% visited another country during their time abroad (other than the country where the program was located)

Studying abroad helps young adults gain self-confidence, improved cognitive and interpersonal skills, and stronger cultural sensitivity. It prepares them for success and gives an edge over their peers as they venture into the professional landscape.

“At Eternal City Education, we aim to help students better understand the relationships between problems and solutions of old with those of today” said Paul Encinias, Co-founder of ECE. “Our goal is to provide the students with the perspective and the skills necessary for them to relate the past to the present, from the village of Rome to the global village. There is no better way to achieve this than by being taught, with the highest degree of passion and commitment, in the very place where men like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin once journeyed, and where they sought and found the inspiration that would make their dreams a reality.”

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