Today in Ancient History… 9th August

Closed doors and open windows….


Carved Column of Trajan

Trajan’s Column

Today in Ancient History – 9th August – the emperor Trajan died from a stroke at Selinus in Asia Minor in the year 117.  A particular landmark in Rome is Trajan’s Column – a large column depicting his victories in battle carved into the column’s stone surface to tell the stories.  Trajan’s Column is 128 feet high, which is the same height as a nine-story building. The sculptural frieze that wraps around the column is approximately 655 feet in length—the length of about two football fields—and depicts more than 2,500 men.  His statue used to sit on top and gaze at the Imperial Roman Forum, but now it has been replaced with a statue of St Peter gazing towards the Basilica of St Peter.



Also, today was the birthday of Constantius II – Roman emperor from 337 to 361.  He was a staunch Arian – check out our recent post to learn more about this…

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