Villa Celimontana Restoration

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Villa Celimontana

The popular park of Villa Celimontana has undergone extensive restoration as part of the city’s plan to restore many of the Eternal City’s monuments and places of interest, and has recently reopened after being closed since April 2013.


The Villa Celimontana restoration project was reported as costing close to a million euros and sought to reconstruct an ecologically focused park based on the 1926 original plans with the addition of extra foliage, benches, walls and four fountains.  The park restoration has also included an automated irrigation system operational at night that uses rainwater collected into special tanks.


The parks of Rome truly capture the atmosphere of culture and civilization that pervades Rome through its art, culture and architecture and visitors to Rome are strongly advised to make the most of these tranquil green areas.  The most famous of these is Villa Borghese which includes a boating lake, multiple fountains and statuary, not to mention the Borghese Gallery which is a major tourist attraction of Rome in itself.  Check out our guided tour page to learn more of this fabulous gallery at our Guided Tours of Rome page.

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