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Eternal City Education - Why? - Academic Emphasis

Why? - Academic Emphasis

Academic Emphasis

Our program is not merely an itinerary of historical events taught passively. Nor is it a program which simply offers an introduction to European culture. Instead our program is an active process of immersion into the subject of Western civilization, demanding the full attention of each student. Our curriculum will have all the necessary testing and exercises we feel necessary to maximize the learning experience abroad.

An assortment of ‘who, what, where, when, why, and how’ type questions will be distributed to the students before each lecture and these questions are graded and reviewed before each day’s lesson. A vocabulary of 10-20 new Italian/Latin words, along with their etymological roots, will be incorporated in to each lecture. The vocabulary and history learned throughout the study program will be required for the final exam.

Taking notes is also necessary for a successful final evaluation. Student Journals will be given to students and will be graded and returned to students at the end of the program.

A primary source text, along with an incomplete parallel text, will be distributed to the students at the end of each lecture day as homework, the subject matter of which will have been covered by each days lectures.

Each student will participate in a group project where they will create a ‘Rome blog’, relating the ancient history they’ve learned to contemporary events. In their blogs the students will be able to create their own theme to be approved by their class professor.