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Eternal City Education - 75 Day Course

75 Day Course

Program Overview

Eternal City Education’s 75 day study abroad course program is for students aged 16 to 18. Like the 25 day study abroad course program, this is a western civilization study abroad course which will take students to cities all throughout Italy but with primary emphasis placed on the city of Rome - its history, art, language and politics. In comparison with the 25 day course program, the 75 day course program is a broader and more advanced study abroad course curriculum where more discussion time with professors will be available along with subjects such as philosophy and literature to be offered as options. Should the student decide that they want to emphasize a particular subject, other optional classes (such as longer more advanced art and design classes) will be made available.

This 75 day European study abroad course program will include:
  • 75 Days
  • 20 Cities
  • 60 Hrs Art Lessons
  • 60 Hrs Language Lessons
  • 12 Culinary Lessons
  • 105 Hours On-Site Lectures
  • 12 Expert Lectures

Best Price

The price for this program is:

Course Fee : $9900 USD

Includes: Instruction, Supervision (Chaperons), Room and board, Educational supplies and materials, travel expenses, Museum and archaeological entrance fees and insurance.

  • All expenses included minus the flight to and from Rome.
  • Accreditation requirements vary based on the students home educational institution. Full curriculum, sample examinations, learning materials, learning methodology and program itinerary are available to institutions for their review and auto accreditation.

Calendar of 75 day program: Curriculum, Content and Dates

The study abroad course program begins on the first Wednesday of June. 

The Monday and Tuesday prior to the study abroad courses start are set aside for receiving students and providing them with flexibility in booking flights. The two day window will also help students as they adjust to time differences. Pickup and drop off of students to and from the airport is included in program fee.

Daily Itinerary

Time Activity
9am-10:30amLanguage class
10:45am-12:15amArt class
1:45pm-2:15pmDaily quiz
2:15pm-4:45pmDaily lecture (lecture times vary based on subject matter)
4:30pm-7pmFree time

Travel day itineraries (see calendar)

Start Dates

2014 June 4th

2015 June 3rd

2016 June 1st


  1. Orientation: Safety and Rules
    • Pre day reception and room assignment
  2. Lecture: Historical Method
    • Art and Language assessment tests
  3. Lecture : The Far ancient World: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, The Etruscans, Troy and Rome
    • The Aventine.
  4. Lecture : General History and Archaeology of the Greco-Roman World
    • Palatine hill
  5. Free day
  6. Lecture: The sources: Tacitus, Livy Cassius Dio
  7. Lecture : Early Rome: From the Tarquins to the Republic
    • Tiber island
    • Trastevere
    • The Janiculum hill
  8. Lecture : The Roman Republic
    • Area Sacra
    • Capitoline Hill
    • Forum Boarium
    • Circus Flaminius
  9. Lecture : Rome and Total War
    • Baths of Trajan
  10. Lecture : The Plebian Revolt
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  11. Lecture : Economics and the corruption of the Roman Republic.
    • The Temple of Portunus
  12. Free day – Reading assignment on the Roman Republic and the theme for their blog to be submitted.
  13. Travel Day – Lecture: Gladiators and the Culture of Roman Entertainment
  14. Time Activity
    8am - 9amBus and Daily Quiz
    9am - 12:00pmLecture and Visit of Archaeological site Ostia Antica
    12:00pm - 12:30pmBus to Beach
    12:30pm - 6:30pmPizza Lunch and free time at Beach
    6:30pm - 7:15pmBus back to campus

  15. Lecture : The End of the Republic and the Beginning of Empire
    • The Roman Forum
  16. Lecture : The Beginning of the Imperial Age: Augustus to Domitian
    • Ara Pacis
    • Domus Aurea
    • Coliseum
    • Caelian hill
  17. Lecture : Women in the Roman World
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  18. Lecture - The Psychopath : A Discussion on the Personalities and Psychologies (or pathologies) of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, Caracalla, Elagabalus and Domitian
    • Baths of Caracalla
  19. Lecture - The Imperial Age : The Golden Years of the 2nd Century
    • Column of Marcus Aurelius
    • Pantheon
    • Imperial Fora
    • Trajan’s Forum, column and Markets
    • Forum of Julius Caesar
    • Forum of Nerva
  20. Free day
  21. Lecture : on Roman Engineering and Roman Fashion
    • Aquaduct Park
  22. Travel Day - Lecture : Birth of Archaeology 1
    • Naples
    • Pompeii
    • Vesuvius - Herculanium

    Time Activity
    7amBreakfast on the bus to Naples
    8am - 8:30amDaily Quiz on the bus
    9am - 12pmLecture and Visit of Naples’s National Museum
    12am - 12:45amBus to Vesuvius
    12:45am - 3pmHike and Lunch Picnic on Mount Vesuvius
    3pm - 4pmBack to bus
    4pm - 7pmLecture and Visit of Archaeological site of Pompeii
    7pm - 8pmBack to Bus
    8pmCheck-in at Beata Solitudine Hostel Agerola (San Lazzero) & Dinner

  23. Travel Day - Lecture : Birth of Archaeology 2
    • Positano
    • Amalfi

    Time Activity
    8:45am - 9amDaily Quiz
    9am - 1pmBus or Trail Hike (Sentierodegli Dei) from Agerola to Positano
    1pm - 2:15pmLunch
    2:15pm - 4:30pmFree time at the beach
    4:30pm - 10pmBus to Regia Calabria
    10pmCheck in at Delphina B&B and Late Dinner

  24. Travel day - Lecture : Birth of Underwater Archaeology
    • Reggio Calabria

    Time Activity
    9am - 12:30pmLecture and Visit to the National Museum of Magna Grecia
    12:30pm - 4:30pmLunch and Free Time at the beach
    4:30pm - 5:30pmBus and Ferry to Messina
    5:30pm - 7pmCheck in at Scilla e Cariddi B&B and Tour of Messina

  25. Travel Day - Lecture: Sicily and Philosophy
    • Messina, Sicily
    • Syracuse, Sicily

  26. Lecture : Josephus and the Flavians
  27. Free Day
  28. Lecture : From Judaism to early Christianity
    • Santa Sabina
  29. Lecture : Religions of Rome
  30. Lecture: Underground Christianity
    • San Clemente
    • Catacombs of San Sebastiano and Domitilla
    • Via Appia Antica
  31. Lecture : Fathers of the Church
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
    • Church of San Agostino (Saint Augustine)
  32. Lecture - The 4th century: Constantine’s Edict: The End of Pagan Rome and the Beginning of Imperial Christian Rome.
    • Arch of Constantine
    • Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside the Walls
    • San Clemente
    • Quatro Coronati
    • San Giovanni
    • Holy Steps
    • Santa Croce in Jerusalem.
  33. Lecture : The Heretics and The Trial of Christian Orthodoxy
    • Santa Agatha
    • Santa Maria Maggiore
    • Santa Presede
    • San Stefano Rotondo
  34. Free Day
  35. Lecture : Invaders : Goths, Vandals, Lombards, Saracens and Normans
  36. Lecture : Why did Rome fall? Everyday Life at the End of Rome and the Beginning of the Dark Ages
    • Capitoline Museum
  37. Lecture : Iberia, Romans of the West
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  38. Lecture : Byzantium and the Rhomaioi, Romans of the East
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  39. Travel Day - Lecture : Hermit’s and Hero’s: The Ending of the Dark Ages, Medieval Monasteries, Charlemagne
    • Subiaco
  40. Lecture : The Golden Years of the 13th Century
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  41. Free Day
  42. Lecture : Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas and the Universities
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  43. Lecture : The Darker Days of the 14th Century
    • The University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  44. Lecture : Dante Poetry and Theology 1
    • University of St.Thomas Aquinas
  45. Travel Day - Lecture : Life in the Medieval World
    • Assisi
    • Orvieto
  46. Lecture : Dante Poetry and Theology 2
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  47. Lecture : The Renaissance and the Aristocrats
    • Via Julia
    • Cancelaria
    • Sapienza
    • Venezia
    • Santi Apostoli
    • Patrons office
  48. Free Day
  49. Travel Day - Lecture : Art Civilizes Man 1
    • Florence – Uffizi Gallery , Academia
  50. Travel Day - Lecture : Art Civilizes Man 2
    • Siena
  51. Travel Day – Lecture: Galileo and Modern Science
    • Castel Gandolfo
  52. Lecture : Michelangelo and Raphael
    • The Vatican Museums
    • The Basilica of St. Peters
  53. Lecture : Gregory XIII Complexity of Changing Time
    • University of St. Thomas Aquinas
  54. Lecture : The Beauty of the Baroque 1: Bernini, Caravaggio and the 17th Century
    • Santa Susanna
    • Piazza Barberini
    • San Luigi di Francesi
  55. Free Day
  56. Lecture: The Beauty of the Baroque 2: Bernini, Caravaggio and the 17th Century
    • Borghese Gallery
  57. Lecture : Rome and the Poets
    • Frascati
    • Keats Museum
    • Spanish steps
    • Trevi Fountain
  58. Lecture: Napoleon Occupation stirs Revolution
    • Napoleon Museum
  59. Lecture : Canova to Modern Art
    • Modern Art Museum
  60. Lecture : Pius IX vs Garibaldi
    • The Janiculum Hill
  61. Lecture : Modern Rome and the Modern World : The Formation of the Italian Republic
    • The Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II
  62. Free Day
  63. Travel Day – Lecture : From Da Vinci to Ferrari: What is design?
    • Milan
    • Fashion Day or Trip to Ferrari Factory
  64. Travel Day - Lecture : The Genius of Bologna
    • Bologna
  65. Travel Day – Lecture: Venice and the Venetians
    • Venice
  66. Free Day
  67. Lecture : Pius XI, Pius XII Rome and the World Wars
    • Vatican
  68. Lecture - The 2nd World War Architecture, Fascism and the New Europe
    • EUR
  69. Free Day
  70. Lecture : Cinecitta Rome in a New Light
    • Cinecitta Studios
  71. Travel Day - Lecture : Reflections on Hero’s and Sacrifice
    • Anzio
  72. Free Day
  73. Language and History Exams
  74. Free Day
  75. Project and Art Presentations
  76. Closing Speeches from Lecturers and Awards Ceremony.
    • Campus BBQ

  • All Latin and Italian material for exercises and tests to be given during the above lectures.
  • Language and art hours can be exchanged for those seeking greater emphasis on language or art.
  • Each program is followed by the allowance of two days for departure. Students drop off and escort to terminal and gate of departure are included in cost of program as with student pickup.