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Eternal City Education - About Us

About Us

Eternal City Education is an organization comprised of Rome based professionals who have successfully combined their experiences in the Roman tourism industry with academia. We provide educational tours and study programs in Italy to aid in the study of Western Civilization.

Eternal City Education Motto

Verum, Bonum, Pulchrum, (Truth, Goodness, Beauty)


Rev. David-Maria A. Jaeger
Guest Lecturer
Professor of Law and Prelate auditor and Justice of the papal law court of the Roman Rota, which is the central appellate court for the Catholic Church. This is the highest judicial court of the worldwide Catholic Church, akin to the U.S. Supreme Court. Father Jaeger helped negotiate a ground-breaking treaty between the Vatican and Israel related to the fundamentals of church-state relations in 1993. He served as judicial vicar for the Austin Diocese and pastor at St. John Neumann Church in West Lake Hills for more than six years.
Kishore Jayabalan
Guest Lecturer
Currently the Director of Istituto Acton, the Acton Institute's Rome office. Formerly, he worked for the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace as an analyst for environmental and disarmament issues and desk officer for English-speaking countries. Kishore Jayabalan earned a B.A. in political science and economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In college, he was executive editor of The Michigan Review and an economic policy intern for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He worked as an international economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, D.C. and then graduated with an M.A. in political science from the University of Toronto. He was the head of the ‘Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace'. Kishore became director of Istituto Acton in 2005 and organizes the institute's educational and outreach efforts in Rome and throughout Europe.
Dr. Paul Connell
Medieval History Instructor
Dr. Connell is the Director of Studies at St. Thomas More College’s Rome Program. Paul Connell was born on the North Shore of New Brunswick, Canada. His current academic focus is on the Ancient Roman Poet Virgil as well as Dante, and Shakespeare along with twentieth-century German-Italian theologian Romano Guardini.
Prof. Edmund Ditton OP
History Advisor
Born in up-state New York, Prof. Ditton joined the Dominican order in 1975 and is currently a Professor of Church History and ancient Greek at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. Prof. Ditton is an extraordinarily popular Lecturer with over 30 years experience.
Paul Murray OP
Guest Lecturer
Currently Professor of Literature of the Mystical Tradition at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas (aka The Angelicum) in Rome. Father Murray is the former spiritual advisor to Mother Teresa, author of over ten books, and is a world renowned literary critic and historian. His lectures are regularly attended by VIPs who come to Rome regularly to hear him speak. Prof. Murray is also a regularly requested guest speaker at the House of Lords and also at Oxford University where he last lectured alongside the Dalai Lama.
Prof. Valeria Pugiotto
Ancient History Instructor
Completed her M. Lit. in Modern History at the University of Oxford, Oriel College, M.A. in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, U.C. Berkeley where she received the A.H.M.A. Graduate Fellowship, and she completed her Laurea in Lettere at the Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome, Italy. She speaks Latin (Classical, Medieval); Greek (Classical, New Testament); Egyptian (Hieroglyphics, Hieratic); Coptic; Hebrew; Hittite (Cuneiform); Linear B; Old Persian; Sogdian; Pahlavi; Parthian; Aramaic; Sumerian. Valeria has extensive archaeological field work experience which includes working as a Site Director at the ‘Largo di Torre Argentina Project’ and at the excavation of the Ripafratta Castle, Ripafratta where she worked with the Università di Pisa-G.A.R. She was also a representative at the International Congress of Egyptology in Cairo, Egypt where she worked alongside a team from Hebrew University, Jerusalem at the Tel Dor excavations.
Paul Encinias
Programs Director
Paul Encinias is a Native of Colorado, who left the US as an All American Scholar, Salutatorian, Member of the National Honor Society and National Latin Society. Living in Rome since 2000, he has furthered his studies in archaeology, history, art and philosophy. Paul is one of the founders of Eternal City Tours where as a tour director for over 14 years, he has been celebrated for his lectures on history and art. He has also been the director for Theology On Tap Rome, and a contributor to the lecture series ‘Campus Marsius’. As Student President for the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas he co-authored the university’s ‘work-study’ project. Paul has worked as both a Director of Student Life for Thomas More College and as an Adjunct Professor of History for Christendom College’s multidisciplinary Roman Perspectives course which incorporates political science, philosophy and theology into the History of Rome curriculum. Paul remains a graduate student of philosophy pursuing his PhD in the fields of Analytic Thomism, Philosophy of Science and Cliometrics.
Justin Brzezinski
Guest Lecturer
Completed his undergraduate degree in History and Philosophy at Concordia University in Montreal before continuing to graduate studies in Church History at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. He has lived in Rome for 10 years working as a private tour guide. Justin has recently published his first historical fiction novel and is currently working on his second.
Iason Hannick
Director of Culinary Instruction
An Irish citizen born in Greece, Iason has lived in Rome for nearly two decades. Iason graduated with a degree in History from the University of Leeds (England) in 1996 and then followed his passion for food and went on to train in the culinary arts. His International experience has taken him from the kitchens of Citrus Café and Bistro and the Wardrobe Jazz Club and Restaurant in Leeds England to the Cicala e Formica Roma, and the Poggio le Stalle Agriturismo Amelia Umbria, where he worked as Head Chef. As an instructor, Mr. Hannick brings his reputation as a top tier chef together with his extraordinary insight and in-depth historical knowledge of culinary arts.
Marija Radevic
Art and Painting Instructor
Born in Niksic, Yugoslavia Maria is an internationally exhibited painter. Her works have been displayed in Milan, Paris, London, Belgrade, and now Rome. Maria Graduated with a Fine Arts degree in 1997 from Cetinje-Montenegro, and then continued to study painting from 2004 in Trebinje, Herzegovina. She has followed her studies into the fields of Iconography and Fresco, two mediums which she studied in Thessaloniki, Greece. Her studies in painting on silk at l’Eglise Orthodoxe Serb Saint Sava in Paris-France has led to the creation of her own distinct fashion line which she formed in 2010 called ‘Paulina Design’. With over 20 years experience, her knowledge reaches across a wide spectrum of graphic art disciplines and utilizes older traditions as well as contemporary. Maria currently lives and works in Rome.
Dr. Thomas D. Williams
Guest Lecturer
Thomas D. Williams holds degrees in theology, philosophy and business administration, as well as a diploma in languages and classical humanities. He taught theology and social ethics for more than a decade at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome, where he served as dean of the theology school for 7 years. Dr. Williams has also taught and lectured in Ireland, Poland, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Côte D’Ivoire, and the USA. Williams has served as consultant and commentator on faith, ethics and religion for several television networks, including NBC, CBS and Sky News, covering papal trips and Church affairs, and offering commentary and analysis of ethical issues in the news. He starred in the MSNBC 10-part series “The Ethical Edge.” Dr. Williams has published 15 books and numerous articles and essays on a broad variety of topics, from Social Ethics to Theology to Christian spirituality.
Dr. Radu Motoco
Philosophy Instructor
Dr. Radu Motoca was born in Romania and has resided in Rome for the last 15 years. He obtained his Doctorate in Philosophy from the Pontifical Gregorian University. His doctoral work and specialization concern the phenomenological approach to the Philosophy of Life and its connection to Art and Creativity. He presently serves as director of research for the Dignitatis Humanae Institute.
Chad Deffler
Art History Instructor
Chad Deffler received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Madonna University in Livonia Michigan and was looking forward to furthering his career in fine arts before studying philosophy at Rome’s Pontifical University of Thomas Aquinas where he received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and is continuing his graduate studies in Philosophy Education. During his 9 years in Rome he has combined his love for art and philosophy working as a freelance tour guide providing an enriching analysis of Rome’s many treasures. He has work as a consultant and developer for a number of Art History smart phone applications and is at present furthering his studies in Ancient Greek and Latin.