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Eternal City Education - Donate Now

Donate Now

Eternal City Education NPO (as distinguished from Eternal City Education LLP) is a non-profit organization established to provide Scholarships to students who participate in any of the study abroad programs conducted by Eternal City Education LLC.

At Eternal City Education NPO, it is our mission is to defer the expenses of our program for students in need of financial assistance. Our goal is to ensure, as much as possible, that these students can partake in a truly special study abroad experience. Based in Rome, Italy, the Eternal City Education programs emphasize the history of western civilization and the classical tradition in education. It is our belief that no other city can provide such a complete immersion into the study of the foundation, the struggle and the imagination of western civilization.

We are further committed to carrying out this goal with the least amount of administrative expense. No more than 10% of any donation can be used for any administrative expense and at least 90% of donations go directly to the students.

Finally, we promote donations toward the scholarship fund through our website, social networks, blogs, free lectures, free smartphone apps, social events and other various forms of fundraising. This advertisement is achieved largely with the money and time of charitable individuals who are as dedicated as we are to bringing the gift of the past to our future generations. At present we provide two scholarships: The Victoria Scholarship and the S.P.Q.R. Scholarship.

The Victoria scholarship is a merit based scholarship, awarded to the top 3 students of every class, awarding students according to their final program ranking with 1st place receiving 750$, 2nd place receiving 500$, 3rd place receiving 200$. Money will be refunded to these top students at the programs end.

The S.P.Q.R. scholarship is a need based scholarship in which donations are applied to students from a net household income of $50,000 and below. For those students coming from a net household income of 50,000 to $35,000 , these students are eligible for a $2000 award for the 25 day program, a $4000 award for the 75 day program.

Students from a net household income of $35,000 to $25,000 are eligible for a $3500 award for the 25 day program $7000 award for the 75 day program for application deadline last day of February.

Students from a net household income of $25,000 or less are eligible for a full scholarship: $4900 for the 25 day program and $9900 for the 75 day program All of these figures are contingent on sufficient fund targets met through donations. In the event that the fundraising totals are below the threshold to apply the SPQR scholarships then the amounts applied will go down in direct proportion.


5 students eligible for 3,500 in SPQR funds equals 17,500$
Total funds received through donations 10,000$
10,000 รท 17,500 = 57 percent of target amount
57% of 3,500 = 1,995$ which can be applied to each student eligible for this scholarship.

Deadline date for scholarship donations is February 30 2015.

Thank you very much for your consideration and generosity.

Eternal City Education

Disclaimer: At present the non-profit tax status (501c3) of Eternal City Education NPO is pending. No donation to Eternal City Education NPO qualifies for a tax write off. Please leave your contact information in the donor box if you wish to be notified when 501c3 status is achieved. 501c3 tax exempt status is not retroactive.

All donors are welcome to any of our Rome based events. Graduation Celebration, Free Lectures, Conferences, and Adult Educational Holiday (Coming Soon) and will be notified by email of any upcoming events.