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Eternal City Education - Become a Chaperon

Become a Chaperon

Chaperon Contract

Any parent/guardian or teacher enrolling ten or more students on one of our Italian study abroad programs is eligible to be a chaperon for the whole or part of any of Eternal City Educations programs. The chaperon’s accommodation, meals, entrance tickets, transportation and a 30 euro daily stipend are provided by Eternal City Education LLC.

(Exclusions are round trip flights to and from Rome and travel insurance.)

The hire of any Chaperon for Eternal City Education’s programs is contingent on their compliance with the Rules and Regulations outlined in the Chaperon Contract.
  1. Chaperons must comply with and be punctual toward all schedules and program itineraries .
  2. Chaperons must not participate in any activities which would endanger the lives or well being of the students.
  3. Must not drink excessively or behave inappropriately in front of the students.
  4. Must refrain from any act of violence or corporal punishment of any students.
  5. Chaperons must stay in contact with the teacher/guardian. If a problem arises, it is the duty of the chaperon to contact the ECE.
  6. Chaperons must follow all further rules, guidelines outlined at the beginning of the program by Eternal City Education.
  7. Chaperons must be available for contact by ECE at all times.
  8. Chaperons must respect the specific rules of any of the places visited or stayed ( ie: Churches, places of lodging etc.)
  9. Chaperons cannot engage in any form of illegal activity.
  10. Chaperons cannot engage in any inappropriate relationships with any of the students.
  11. Chaperons must always accompany participants going to and returning from all destinations.
  12. Chaperons must abide by the laws of the country in which he or she is staying.

Background check consent form

Please click on the link below to print off the background check consent form to apply to be a chaperon.


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