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Eternal City Education - Why ECE?

Why ECE?

Why study abroad, why us...and why Rome?

Rome Photos Our objective is to provide a study program that gives our students a truly special study abroad experience. Based in Rome, our program emphasizes the history of western civilization and the classical tradition, and it is in this respect that we believe Rome offers students the most complete setting for such a learning experience. In Rome one can enjoy every artistic and cultural benefit offered by any other Italian, or even European city, but no other city can provide such a complete immersion into the study of the foundation, the struggle and the imagination of western civilization.

Our goal is to provide the students with the perspective and the skills necessary for them to relate the past to the present, from the village of Rome to the global village. There is no better way to achieve this than by being taught, with the highest degree of passion and commitment, in the very place where men like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin once journeyed, and where they sought and found the inspiration that would make their dreams a reality.

Through a demanding curriculum, with an emphasis on the reading of primary sources, along with a series of on-site activities, we not only provide tools for future study, but we intend to cement a desire for permanent knowledge along with an on-going desire to expand that knowledge, to be learned in the most inspiring and directly relatable setting possible. We provide more than a brief highlight on any collegial or professional resume: we work to provide a life changing experience.

Eternal City Education being Rome based and having vast access to the resources of tour logistics and academia, are able to bring about priceless advantages to the students in various areas of the study abroad experience.