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Eternal City Education - Why? - Cost

Why? - Cost


Due to our well established business relationships and academic tour connections in Rome we are able to provide some of the best prices available for any study abroad program, and we are able to do it in all areas: Instruction, Housing, Insurance and Travel. We pass these savings directly onto the customer because our priority (and passion) is the education of our future generations. As a result the total cost of the program is $4,900 for the 25 day program and $9,900 for the 75 day program, per student. This covers all expenses, minus the round trip flight. There are no hidden fees.

There are absolutely no Add-ons.

Many study abroad programs have undisclosed add-ons such as visits to various sites and events or mandatory tipping of guides and tour directors. These add-ons are not included in the original price and add considerably to the final amount spent. Another consequence of these add-ons is that they inevitably exclude certain students from participating in certain activities due to financial constraints and we feel that no student should be excluded from any activities in our program.

Scholarships to students based on need and merit.

At Eternal City Education our goal is not merely to provide a world class study abroad program at affordable rates, but also to increase its affordability as much as possible. We hope to accomplish this reduced rate through donations and charitable funds. All donations will be applied to scholarships.

We have three scholarship funds to achieve this goal:

  1. Scholarship 1 - S.P.Q.R. SCHOLARSHIP - A need based scholarship:
    is applied to any student of the program who requires financial assistance. These students will be awarded in terms of need and the availability of funds.

  2. Scholarship 2 - AQUILA SCHOLARSHIP - The second of our need based scholarships:
    is for those students who have already received another full or partial scholarship to any ECE Programs, but are still unable to raise the money necessary to buy a round trip flight to Rome.

  3. Scholarship 3 - VICTORIA SCHOLARSHIP - The merit scholarship:
    will award the top 3 students of every 30 student class. Awarding students according to their program ranking with 1st place 750$, 2nd place 500$, 3rd place 200$. Money will be refunded to these top students at the programs end.


Our Special Offers section details the scholarship system in addition to other offers that you may be interested in.

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