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Eternal City Education - Why? - Safety

Why? - Safety

Commitment to Safety

A thorough commitment to the safety of the students through diligence, maintenance and preparedness. Our number one priority at Eternal City Education in our study abroad programs is the mental and physical health of each of our students.

To ensure the safety of our students we first take up a profile for each student in the application process. The profile of each student will be available only to staff, and will keep them aware of any:

  • Medical conditions / Allergies
  • Prescriptions
  • Dietary needs
  • Religious needs
  • Additional notes are made on temperament, social habits, and personal goals.

This information will allow all staff to best facilitate an inclusive and healthy participation in the program.

All our students are housed in a gated campus which has been made available to us in the summer months. Male and Female staff are available 24/7 on the grounds.

All our students are given temporary cell phones for the duration of any off-campus day excursions, overnight excursions, and on-site lectures. The telephone numbers of each phone are made available only to staff and parent/guardians.

All parents/guardians will receive a weekly report via email detailing their student’s status on several fronts: Academic Ranking, Participation, and if needed Disciplinary Notifications. All parents/guardians are notified immediately by telephone as to any student health issues.

All accepted applicants are obliged to sign Eternal City Education Rules and Regulations Contract.

Take a look at our Rules & Regulations Contract below...