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Eternal City Education - Why? - Leadership

Why? - Leadership

Preparing Our Future Leaders

Leadership - Lincoln For those considering studying abroad in Italy, our program will set the student apart, and help them to become the leaders of tomorrow. The critical faculties of the student will be emphasized in order to help them better understand the relationships between problems and solutions of old with those of today. Project based learning will expose them to the dynamics of group work and help give them the social confidence to object to errors and attempt real solutions.

The natural talent of each student is encouraged. We focus on raising their awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and aid them in the development of good learning habits, argumentation and group communication. ECE is an education experience for students who will represent the future workforce; whether they become entrepreneurs, executives, elected officials, academics or any other kind of professional. As such, ECE’s contributors and affiliates see the critical relevance of knowing and understanding the past in order to save the future.