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Eternal City Education - European Study Abroad Programs

Eternal City Education

Experience history, for life

  • Live in Rome for the summer
  • Travel all throughout Italy
  • Study Western Civilisation at its source.
  • The city of Rome is your textbook.
  • Have professional Art and Design Classes
  • Take advanced Italian culinary lessons
  • Study foreign and ancient languages
  • Know your past and determine your future

The study of History is brought to life. When you learn history while at the very places where the story of Western Civilization would unfold. Eternal City Education will take you on an adventure as you learn about:

  • Ancient Rome right inside the ruins of Ancient Rome itself.
  • The dark ages in those real places and corners where civilisation held on.
  • The Gothic buildings of the middle ages and how the world came back...
  • The Art of Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bernini in front of their masterpieces.
  • The renaissance, what it was and how it changed the world.
  • and much more...

Forever see the history of western civilization as one story and understand its relevance to our world today.


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